Just Us!!

So you want to know a little about us! Umm what do we tell?

Ebony - The crazy black chick born and raised in South Texas, but has had the good fortune to live all over this world!  My philosophy is if you ain’t f’ing me, feeding me or filing me on your taxes, my life is not your concern. But I have a heart as big as the state of Texas!
I read with a passion, anyone from Sister Soulja to Danielle Steele to Ruth Cardello to Jason Luke.
Books are my therapy, my escape, my sanity! Words are my passion! Authors are my people!

 Ivory - A crazy white girl born and raised in New Jersey that now resides somewhere out there beneath the pale moonlight! My favorite sayings are “It is what it is” or “Bubble wrap or therapy, you decide.”  I am fiercely protective of my family and friends.  I’m the sweetest bitch you will ever meet.
I use books as my escape, my adventure, my fantasy.  Some of my favorites are old school Jackie Collins and Danielle Steele to present day Ruth Cardello, Kelly Elliott and Jason Luke.  I love a book that leaves me with a "hangover" when I’m finished.  I always have a need to want more!

·         Two girls from opposite sides of the track that have more things in common than not!
·         Our love for books, authors and words brought us together, but our sincere like for each other made us friends.
·         We both love romance, erotica and a good old fashioned romantic mystery!

Now we want to share our opinions, ideas, thoughts and passion (books) with you. We want to hear your words, your interpretations and your thoughts!

Come in, grab some wine, relax, relate and release.

Ebony and Ivory!