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Author of "Interview with a Master"

E&I:  Who are your favorite authors, your favorite books, and who or what are your writing influences?

Jason: I have a wide range of favourite authors, largely adventure writers. People like Bernard Cornwell, Lee Child and Tom Clancy spring to mind. Oh, and Len Deighton. He had a brilliant way with words.

E&I: When did you first know that you wanted to be a writer?

Jason: I didn’t know I wanted to write! I had no idea until I met Viv. She has been a big influence on me.

E&I: Jason, please tell us a little about your novel ’Interview with a Master’.

Jason: I got the idea from "Interview with a Vampire". I really liked the format – the concept that a story could be told through passages of interview. That was where the idea sprang from. Then I merely substituted my own experiences and imagination to create the same kind of story from a BDSM angle.

"Interview with a Master" is about a man retelling some of his many experiences to a journalist. The experiences he relates are the ones which influenced him to become involved in the BDSM lifestyle, and to become a Master. From that initial point, the characters take over the story… That’s all I can tell you!


E&I: What is the one thing you want to have your readers get from your book?

Jason: Entertainment! The idea of "Interview with a Master" is not to educate or change the world. It’s a fictional story that I hope readers will enjoy.

 E&I: What made you decide to write from the Doms point of view?

Jason: The fact that I’m a guy! It’s the only story I could tell, and be honest with the readers about.

E&I: Did you always know you were into the BDSM lifestyle?  If not, how did you get into it?

Jason: Let me just say that by reading "Interview with a Master" you will discover the answer to that question yourself. A lot of what takes place in the book is autobiographical mixed with plenty of fiction. Parts of the book are based on personal experiences, some are from the experiences of people I have known, and some are completely fictional.

E&I: Exactly what type of BDSM are you into?

Jason: When I was involved in the lifestyle, I personally had no interest in aspects of pain. For me BDSM was all about discipline.

E&I: What is your favorite prop?

Jason: Riding crop

E&I: When did you realize that you had Master traits?

Jason: I actually realized it in my business career when I was still a teenager. I was a manager of big groups of people from an early age. I knew then I was a leader and not a follower. The BDSM was just a natural extension of my personality into my personal relationships.

E&I: Have you ever been the submissive in a relationship?

Jason: No. Never. Ever.

E&I: What would you say to someone who is interested in exploring the lifestyle for the first time?

Jason: I would encourage anyone who is genuinely interested in the BDSM lifestyle to proceed slowly and with great caution. BDSM is a journey. We all travel at different speeds. There is no right or wrong. You can be involved in BDSM at the most basic levels or you can become totally immersed in the lifestyle. Do what you feel is right for you and proceed cautiously at your own pace.

E&I: Most BDSM books are from female authors.  How will your book be different?

Jason: Guys see and feel and sense things differently. I think the attitude will come across as authentic when people read the book. Jonah Noble is not a brute – he’s a thoughtful, intelligent guy. I hope that ‘integrity’ comes out on the pages. The greatest challenge when writing Jonah Noble from his POV was to make sure he didn’t come across as an arrogant ass. I think there is a fine line between a Master coming across to readers as confident and coming across as some rude, offensive, macho jerk. Hopefully I have done it right…

E&I: Was there an area or subject in your book that was difficult for you to write?

Jason: The writing has been fun! I haven’t hit any walls, or had any great issues with getting the story down on paper. I found that coming up with the right idea, and the characters was the hard part. Once I had all that sorted, the physical process of writing was easy. All the planning took place before I picked up a pen. Writing the final scenes presented the biggest challenge.

E&I: What part of the book did you have to stop and breathe and just go WOW?

Jason: For me the writing process is still something that I find very daunting. It’s a lot of hard work, a lot of imagination, and a lot of self-doubt as I get the words down on paper and pray they are the right ones. I hope one day to have a few moments where I do get to go “WOW”, but at the moment all I seem to be saying to myself is “Bloody hell there is so much left to do!”.

E&I: How long did it take it to write the book?

Jason: The idea had been floating around in my mind for some time, and I have the huge benefit of knowing the story (because some of the story is based on my own experiences). So the writing hasn’t taken long at all. I imagine it would be much harder for a writer who had to do a lot of research.

E&I: Are you working on another book project? Can you tell us a little about it?

Jason: I’d like to write another book, but it depends on the success of "Interview with a Master". If no one likes it, and no one buys it, I guess I’ll have a short career as an author! If the book goes well, I will continue to write. I have more stories to tell – if people are interested in reading them.

E&I: Do you write full-time or do you have a day job? When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?

Jason: I think I’m writing full time now. It wasn’t the plan – but plans are always changing. When I’m not writing, I am a huge history buff, and still an avid reader.

E&I: How can readers connect with you?

Jason: I welcome feedback from readers! They are welcome to contact me through my Facebook page.

Thank you for taking the time to answer questions from E&I Book Harmony and our followers. We are all anticipating the release of, "Interview with a Master". From what we have read to this point, we see nothing but a successful and exciting career in your future. Please feel free to come back and visit us at anytime.

Thank you again,
Ebony and Ivory

*Disclaimer: There was such a huge response to our request for questions, all questions submitted could not be answered. We apologize if your question was not answered and perhaps in the future we can visit with Jason Luke again.

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