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Finding Freedom by Danielle Stewart

Author's Bio

Writing is a way to make a lot of different people do exactly what you want them to do. When I can't get my toddler to listen to me, I turn to my characters. They always cooperate!

I currently live in Charlotte, North Carolina with my husband and three year old son. I work hard to perfect the ability to write in a noisy house and create story lines while folding laundry.

Finding Freedom


No matter what people tell him, Jedda Wright is convinced he's nobody's hero. He's made his mistakes and paid dearly for them over the years. Suddenly freed from his past he's forced to find his way in a world he hardly recognizes. He's written himself off as a lost cause and pushes away any chance at love. Has he been punished enough to be worthy of his redemption or when given the chance will he make the same mistakes again? 

Willow has risen from the ashes of her former life and become one of the privileged. The knowledge that she did so at the expense of her brother's freedom has always haunter her. Now that Jedda's back should she finally thank him for the sacrifices he made to protect her? Or when her messy relationships follow her to Edenville will she inadvertently force her brother to risk his freedom again to save her life? 

Surrounded by Edenville's own ragtag team of do-gooders will Jedda and Willow navigate the dangers of their new lives and be able to find their freedom? Or will they both end up alone, back where they started?

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Ebony's Review

Danielle Stewart Has Done It Again!
She has once again invited me to the small town of Edenville and entwined me into the lives of the residents there, only to have it feel like going home again.

Danielle Stewart has the uncanny ability to put you in the midst of a story, a town, a family and have you feel as though no other world exist.

Danielle’s writing skills are so phenomenal that she always leaves me wondering why. Why don’t I know these people? Why have I never been to this town? Why can’t I get enough of her writing? Why are there not enough to stars to rate her? Why does everything she writes touch my soul? Why has she become my favorite author of all time?

Finding Freedom” continues the story of the eclectic family from The Piper Anderson Series. They are pulling together again to protect one of their own, to be non-judgmental and to love unconditionally. They will hold you in high esteem, demand honesty, trust you explicitly….but at the same time they teach self-preservation.

Jedda has dealt with hardship and tragedy most of his few years on earth. He gave up his freedom for the most precious person in his life, his sister Willow. It was not a decision, it was not an option…it was a necessity. You see, his love for his sister has no boundaries.

Willow was moved from her surroundings as a child, given a second chance to grow, to blossom into a wonderful young lady, to become a wonderful pillar of society. Yet, she has been missing something or someone. Her brother Jedda was her protector, her savior yet……..

Our conscience is our worst enemy and are demons really ever laid to rest?

Jedda and Willow find themselves in Edenville, he is looking for a second chance; she needs to see the brother she lost so long ago. Somehow trouble always seems to follow the newcomers to this small, nurturing community, but the citizens never turn you away. They take you in, they support you, they surround you and they fight with and for you.

Danielle also has the ability to start a story and carry the characters through several books while all maintain their major roles. There are no cameos, only tried and true characters that remain with you for the duration.

If you have not read Danielle Stewart and The Piper Anderson Series I implore of you to do so. Start with Chasing Justice and follow the citizens, the lives, the loves, the stories of Edenville’s finest. They are truly a family.

Interview With Danielle Stewart

E&I:  Danielle, your writing is amazing for someone of your age, you must have an old soul. What is your writing background?

Danielle:  I’ve enjoyed writing for as long as I can remember. I wasn’t good at much in school so when my sixth grade teacher told me I had a gift it was the first time I felt good about my academics. That was a turning point for me and even today when I’m talking to kids I try to focus on what they do well. It can make a difference for the rest of their lives.

E&I:  When I work, cluster in my area is one thing that drives me insane. What about you? What is your pet peeve and what is your work area like?

Danielle:  This is the most difficult part of my job so far. I just CAN’T work while my house is messy. My fingers won’t type. For a while I didn’t make the connection and found my writing process slow and disjointed. Once I realized that the chores in the house were weighing on me I moved my day around to make sure some things were done first, before I started writing. I hear a lot of writers say they jump right in first thing in the morning and then break to do other things. I struggle with that and I’m glad I adjusted my schedule.

E&I:  I notice your fan base is growing consistently. How important are your fans to you?

Danielle:  Everything. That simple. I wouldn’t say that I struggled with confidence but like any new mom who left the working world I was feeling a bit undefined as a person. To wake up in the morning and have emails waiting from folks who connected with something I created is a wonderful way to start the day and the fans have fueled my drive to keep writing.

E&I:  What are your hobby/hobbies?

Danielle:  I really enjoy crocheting. It’s soothing and you get to see a finished product before too long.

E&I:  Does having Author Ruth Cardello as an aunt increase the pressure of being a great writer?

Danielle:  Ruth is the hardest person for me to show my work to. I’m always slow to hit send when it comes to her. She’s an awesome writing mentor and has shaped so much of what I do. I just find myself nervous see her opinion but she’s always so supportive.

E&I:  Not only is Ruth Cardello your aunt, but Wanye Tripp is also a member of your family. Are there any aspiring writers in your family that you will mentor?

Danielle:  I’m always on the look out for writers to pay it forward to. My family is loaded with talented people!

E&I:  Where do you see yourself in your career as a writer in the next five years?

Danielle:  I’m absolutely in love with what I’m doing right now. If I’m still doing it in five years I’ll be over the moon.

E&I:  Tell us what makes Danielle Stewart the next best thing in the writing world?

Danielle:  I’m still learning. I read any book I can get my hands on and watch every author out there. I’ve always believed that you don’t have to be the biggest or the best, but you should be the hardest working.

E&I:   I know you are married and have one son. What else does Danielle Stewart want her readers to know?

Danielle:  I’d love people to know that I love hearing from them. Email me. Facebook me. I answer them all!

E&I:  What are your views on social media for marketing purposes and how has social media affected you?

Danielle:  Social media is at times a necessary evil and other times it’s my favorite place to escape. It is truly what makes the indie publishing world go round.

E&I:  Do you ever get writers block and if so how do you get rid of the damn thing?

Danielle:  For me writers block sets in when I have other things on my to-do list. The best thing for me is to hurry up and get things done so that I can have free brain space for writing.

E&I:  Is there anything else you would like to add that we have not included?

Danielle:  You covered it all!  Great questions. 

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