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Review for Interview With A Master by Jason Luke


I read for several reasons……knowledge, entertainment, relaxation, and therapy. Occasionally one can run across a book that will encompass all the reasons a person LOVES to read. I found all of those reasons within the words of Jason Luke’s “Interview with a Master”. 

Knowledge: The lifestyle I knew nothing about; the world discovered through a unique way,  the words of a novel, the story told so well told it left me wanting to know more, not being able to put it down.

Entertainment: The storyline, the characters, the words of this book kept me enthralled, transformed me to another universe; open the realms of my imagination, took me on a journey.

Relaxation: The captivating idea, the Calgon take me away moments, the tenderness of a man who is falling for a woman and the woman opening herself to a man.

Therapy: The opening of my imagination, the losing myself in a story, the escape of realism, the diversion from my life.

Jonah Noble is a man with a story to tell, a release factor needed, a man with a mission and a purpose. He has lived an unconventional life; a life few publicly acknowledge. He’s a Master, a man in charge, in control and just plain sexy. But there is always a method to the madness.

Leticia Fall is young, impressionable, eager and ready for new adventures in her life. She comes from a small town, and wants more. She adventures out, expands her horizons and interviews Jonah Noble…The Master.

Jason Luke has told this story in a new way, he has added an uncompromising twist. He has taken BDSM and made it realistic, subtle and demanding. He has shared part of his life, along with a vivid imagination and the ability to put pen to paper.

I absolutely LOVED this book, his words, and the ride Jason took me on; the knowledge he gave me, the entertainment he provided me, the relaxation he afforded me and the therapy he bestowed me.

Jason Luke, I am waiting for more!


When I sit down to read, I do it because I’m either looking for an escape, an adventure or a fantasy.  If I am left with a “book hangover” at the end of reading, then I know that I have just finished reading something truly great.

‘Interview with a Master was a pleasant surprise.  I have found all of these things entwined within this book.  Escaping into the world of BDSM, the world according to Jonah Noble, a world that few know of. 

An adventure.  We learn of Leticia Fall, a young, impressionable journalist, who learns of the life/world of a BDSM Master, through his eyes.

A fantasy.  Yes, this is a BDSM book, but it’s not your typical erotica/BDSM book.  You need to remember, that this is an interview, along the same lines as Interview with a Vampire. 

For this being his first book in this genre, Jason Luke words are wonderfully written from a man’s point of view and will pull you right in.  The writing flowed right from the start and never wavered.  You are captivated from the beginning and enthralled to the end.  

Yes, I absolutely loved this book,   He taught me things I didn’t know, and enhanced the things I did know.   I was left with the telltale book hangover. I wanted more, I needed more.  So, Mr. Luke, I am waiting for that second book. 

Thank you for sharing your words, your story, on your terms.

Great Author, Great Book  x2

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